Echo Fox vs. Team Envyus (Prediction, Week 3)

NA LCS Week 3 Day 1 –                 Team Envyus vs. Echo Fox – Team Envyus came out with a few surprisingly strong performances; they’re currently in a strong position on the ladder and will definitely be looking to make a climb. They’ve not appeared to have the most consistent performances but when they’re peaking... Continue Reading →

Echo Fox vs. Cloud 9 (Prediction, Week 2)

NA LCS Week 2 Day 3 –                 Echo Fox vs. Cloud 9 – Cloud 9 put on a set of fantastic performances on Day 1 this week when they absolutely crushed Phoenix 1, their 2nd game was definitely a little shaky and their early game had shown some weakness but their strategy and adaption... Continue Reading →

Immortals vs. FlyQuest (Prediction, Week 2)

NA LCS Week 2 Day 2 –                 Immortals vs. FlyQuest – Immortals are looking very promising at the moment, they’ve taken down every opponent that’s walked in their path and have done so with very few issues, the same cannot be said for FlyQuest. FLY were previously quite a strong team in the NA... Continue Reading →

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