Team Liquid vs. Immortals (Prediction, Week 3)

NA LCS Week 3 Day 1 –

                Immortals vs. Team Liquid –

The power rankings in North America are slowly falling into place, but they’re still very shaky. Team Liquid are a great example of this, they had trouble during the earliest weeks in the split and were having a hard time with their late game performances, this lead to them quickly falling behind. But taking down Team Dignitas has shown great improvement on their part. Immortals recently fell to Team Envyus and are looking to push forward as they’re tied with so many other teams at the moment. Can they pull it off or is TL catching up too quickly? Tune into the series on Friday, June 16th, to find out!

Immortals – IMT were looking extremely formidable during the earliest weeks of the split, they were taking down all of their competitors and although they look a bit shaky they were always finding creative ways to exploit their opponents and come out on top. TL has shown a strong mid-game, but IMT will look to find a lead before that even comes into play.

Team Liquid – TL’s early weaknesses could be exploited here so they’re going to need to cover up with some extended vision in the earlier stages of the game. Their mid game performances have been relatively consistent so there’s not much worry there; it’s the late game where they’re going to have to truly show up if they’re looking to know IMT down.

Immortals look to be at a pretty convincing advantage here, they’ve shown much greater strength and confidence in their early game and this has often given them a lead. Their use of a lead is commendable as they’ve often quickly extended it and found ways to grow quickly. If TL fall in the earlier stages of the game IMT could look extremely dominant. TL are going to need to extend their early lines of vision, keep a close eye on earlier objectives and try to gain information on the IMT jungler, if they can make it to the middle stages of the game their team fighting could propel them into a more stable or even commanding position.

Prediction: Immortals Victory. IMT appear to be at quite an advantage, they’ve shown greater strength in the early game which could quickly net them a lead. Their middle game team fighting, map control and rotations are fairly formidable and their late game is undeniably strong. Because of this I think they’ll find a way on top, TL could put up a good fight though.

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