Splyce vs. Unicorns of Love (Prediction, Week 3)

EU LCS Week 3 Day 2 –

                Splyce vs. Unicorns of Love –

                Splyce have definitely made a solid impact so far this split, they’ve managed to separate themselves from the bottom of their group and are making a steady climb to a steady position. This could quickly be put on the rocks as they’re about to face off against the Group B top team, the Unicorns of Love. UoL are yet to drop a series and are on par with their Group A competitor, Fnatic. Can they hold onto their position or will Splyce hit them hard? Tune into the series on Friday, June 16th, to find out!

Splyce – SPY have definitely put on some strong performances and being able to separate themselves from the bottom of the ladder is a huge bonus. They’re not caught in much of a power struggle and have given themselves room to improve, without much risk. They dropped a series to H2k at the start of the split but have made steady improvements; they’ll definitely come into play here.

Unicorns of Love – UoL are sitting confidently at the top of their group and have shown a formidable amount of strength. Their adaptions throughout their games have been difficult for other competitors to work against and they’ve been even more formidable when adapting throughout a series. Their confidence has given them fantastic early game performances and they’re definitely going to look to apply that in this series.

Unicorns of Love appear to be at an advantage here; they’ve taken down every other competing team in their group so far and have run into very few issues. They were caught out a bit by H2k in their most recent series but it’s just given them more information to work on their own improvements. Splyce are definitely a little behind here, they’ve had some strong performances but nothing has seemed overly outstanding. Their ability to come back into a game or series is definitely a strong point for them though, and if they’re able to catch out UoL with extended lines of vision or confident team-play they could look to surprise us.

Prediction: Unicorns of Love Victory. UoL are looking like a top contender already, they’ve had very few issues and have consistently played through their series’ with fantastic confidence. This has often lead to them finding an early lead and once they’ve achieved that they’re nearly unstoppable, I think they could take quite a confident victory here.


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