Echo Fox vs. Team Envyus (Prediction, Week 3)

NA LCS Week 3 Day 1 –

                Team Envyus vs. Echo Fox –

Team Envyus came out with a few surprisingly strong performances; they’re currently in a strong position on the ladder and will definitely be looking to make a climb. They’ve not appeared to have the most consistent performances but when they’re peaking they’re extremely difficult to overcome, which IMT experienced first-hand. Echo Fox have had trouble against some of those top performing teams but are looking to make another step forward here, can they pull it off? Tune into the series when it goes live on Friday, June 16th, to find out!

Team Envyus – NV were able to come out on top of all of their series’ during week 2 and even managed to take down Immortals in a clean series. Their shown potential propelled forward as they’d shown us their controlling use of a lead and their additional confidence. If they can find an edge of FOX they could look to grow their confidence even more.

Echo Fox – FOX are always putting up a fight, they’ve come out on top of some pretty strong teams but have had a hard time against the teams that are pushing for those top 3 positions. If FOX are looking to take one of those positions they’re going to need to work on their consistency, their adaptions and their map control! It’s definitely achievable for them.

Team Envyus appear to be at an advantage here, they’ve taken more convincing victories and have shown significant improvements over the few short weeks that they’ve been competing so far this split. They’ve grown quickly in a short period of time and are currently contest the top positions on the ladder. They’ve shown great confidence and have quickly been improving other aspects of their gameplay, such as their macro management and vision control. FOX are going to have a lot of work on their hands but their own use of strategy, vision and confident shot-calling could give them advantages that NV won’t be expecting.

Prediction: Echo Fox Victory. I think the strengths of Echo Fox will come into play in their series against NV, they’ve shown often that they’re able to make it out of the earlier stages of the game and then they’re able to quickly erupt and progress through the game. NV are going to put up a significant fight and I think, if both teams are putting on peak performances, we could be looking at some really close games.

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