Roccat vs. Fnatic (Prediction, Week 3)

EU LCS Week 3 Day 1 –
Roccat vs. Fnatic –
Roccat might be feeling a little fearful facing off against the undefeated Fnatic, but they shouldn’t. They’ve shown potential in every single series they’ve performed in so far, they’ve always managed to take a game to extend the series and they’ve already pushed some of the top performing teams in the region, they shouldn’t treat Fnatic any differently. Fnatic are aiming for a perfect 4:0 to solidify their spot at the top of Group A, can Roccat bring their streak to a stop? Tune into the series when it goes live on Thursday, June 15th, to find out!
Roccat – ROC have managed to put up a fight in every single series they’ve performed in, they’ve shown quite a bit of potential and a fantastic foundation to make improvements on. Their early game isn’t so bad; their late game isn’t so bad. But they’re going to need to push for a little better than that if they want to climb the ladder.
Fnatic – FNC are yet to drop a single series and have only dropped a single game, in their series against G2 Esports. They’ve shown a fantastic amount of potential across the board and are yet to show much weakness. They’ve still got a few minor improvements to make but they’re looking like the most formidable team in the EU LCS, other teams will be keeping a close eye on them.
Fnatic are definitely at an advantage here, being undefeated just shows how far they’ve come as an organisation since the Spring Split. They’re taking games off of the top performing teams and are taking down teams who were expected to be contesting those top positions. Fnatic are yet to take much of a hit and have shown great use of both micro and macro elements in their games. Roccat are definitely going to have a hard time here, but they’re persistent and have shown great use of adaption. If they can adapt to the strategies that Fnatic have shown comfort on they could find a way to bring Fnatic to their knees.
Prediction: Fnatic Victory. It might seem surprising to some, but I think Roccat are going to actually put up a pretty good fight here. Roccat have shown some diversity and their adaptions have been formidable. I don’t think it’ll be enough to take down Fnatic, but it’ll make for some excellent games.

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