Mysterious Monkeys vs. Team Vitality (Prediction, Week 3)

EU LCS Week 3 Day 1 –

                Team Vitality vs. Mysterious Monkeys –

Team Vitality is currently sitting on 0 victories, for individual games and series’, but Mysterious Monkeys find themselves in the same position after an additional series. Both teams have shown some potential but have been unable to capitalise on anything, this is an open opportunity for either team to make their 1st step forward, but who will come out on top? Tune into the series on Thursday, June 15th, to find out!

Team Vitality – VIT have actually stood their ground quite well against a few of these teams, in their series against Splyce they were often able to find a lead with some early aggression. Their biggest issue was making minor mistakes which quickly lost them their lead, along with a lack of map or objective control. If they can play with a wide scope of focus they could make notable improvements very quickly.

Mysterious Monkeys – MM are definitely having a hard time, breaking into the LCS and competing against the top teams in the region is definitely a challenge. They’ve made this apparent as they’re yet to take a single game, or even strike up much of a challenge for the competing teams. This is an opportunity for them to make their mark; taking down VIT would be a fantastic step forward and would show their grasp on improving.

I’d say Team Vitality have appeared the more advantageous out of these two performing teams, they’ve managed to find a few leads in their games and have had some pretty strong fights. They’ve managed to show off their early game strengths but their weaknesses have definitely shined too. Mysterious Monkeys might like to take a few skirmishes earlier on, but I’d advise them against it. If they can avoid falling into a deficit in the earlier stages I think they’ll be able to work the map and force VIT into making less than optimal decision, this could be a very solid way for MM to find their 1st game. VIT will want to force their early aggression but play with a bit more focus on objectives, this includes structures!

Prediction: Team Vitality Victory. Their early strengths are fairly undeniable at the moment, they’ve often found or created earlier opportunities that have put them into an advantageous position, they’re not unfamiliar with a gold lead but their lack of macro management could make this series difficult for them. I think they’ll run into a few issues against MM but will come out on top in the end.

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