Team Liquid vs. Team Dignitas (Prediction, Week 2)

NA LCS Week 2 Day 3 –

                Team Dignitas vs. Team Liquid –

Team Dignitas have been performing really well in comparison to their previous competitive runs; they’ve managed to take 2 early victories and are working their way up the ladder. And as it turns out, taking down Team Envyus was no small feat. Team Dignitas are working their way up the ladder and are looking more impressive. TL, on the other hand, are yet to take a series victory. TL will need to begin their push soon before things spiral out of control, can they pull it off? Tune into the series on Sunday, June 11th, to find out!

Team Dignitas – DIG must be performing on a level that was absolutely not expected, being able to take down Team Envyus seemed pretty standard but after NV’s performances during week 2 it would appear that the majority of people underestimated them. This just makes DIG look stronger and should certainly add to their confidence.

Team Liquid – TL, yet to take a win, are finding themselves in a pretty difficult situation. They’re yet to find their identity this split and are having trouble working their way through multiple strategies. They’ve been able to hold their ground, often surviving the earlier stages of the game, but their late game has been letting them down. With a sprinkle of confidence and control that could all quickly change.

Team Dignitas appear to be at an advantage here; they’re already working their way up the ladder and have managed to take down a few of the stronger competitors in the region. They took a clean series off of FLY and also came out on top of their series against NV, who’ve just recently beaten IMT. In terms of power rankings, Team Dignitas are looking to be in a strong position to contest those higher placements on the ladder and TL is going to need to be careful. TL will need to show great adaptions throughout these games and throughout the series if they’re looking to come out on top, maybe asserting some earlier dominance and vision control to find a lead.

Prediction: Team Dignitas Victory. DIG has already shown that they can work through their opponents defences in the earlier stages of the game and their map control has been pretty strong. Their macro management often appears a little shaky but when up against a team that’s lacking the confidence to take risks it shouldn’t be a problem; because of this I think DIG have an opportunity to take a confident victory.

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