Phoenix 1 vs. FlyQuest (Prediction, Week 2)

NA LCS Week 2 Day 3 –

                Phoenix 1 vs. FlyQuest –

Phoenix 1 has shown strengths but has been unable to capitalise on them. Take their 2nd game against Cloud 9 as an example, they held a lead and were in a fantastic position to start pushing for a victory but their lack of confidence gave C9 opportunities to come back and take the game. They can’t afford to make these mistakes against a team like FLY. FLY’s strategic style of play could be of great use here, but can it net them their 1st victory of the split? Tune into the series on Sunday, June 11th, to find out!

Phoenix 1 – P1 are going to need to spice things up with a little more confidence, they definitely looked stronger with Meteos in the jungle but some aggressive jungler might be necessary so sticking with their start is a good choice. Finding an early lead could give them great opportunities to practice their macro management, but a few mistakes and doom could fly their way.

FlyQuest – FLY have been unable to take a single game so far, they’ve looked a shambles. They’ve been unable to translate their map control and macro management into leads because it would appear they’ve not as comfortably adapted to the meta-game. They’re going to need to find some comfort picks and work their way through this series if they want to start appearing as a threat.

Prediction: Phoenix 1 Victory. Phoenix 1 have shown more strength than FLY so far, they’ve been able to push some of the stronger performing teams in the region and have done so with a fair amount of confidence. They’ve shown some ability to adapt, with their jungler for example, and I think that’s going to give them a big advantage here.

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