Echo Fox vs. Cloud 9 (Prediction, Week 2)

NA LCS Week 2 Day 3 –

                Echo Fox vs. Cloud 9 –

Cloud 9 put on a set of fantastic performances on Day 1 this week when they absolutely crushed Phoenix 1, their 2nd game was definitely a little shaky and their early game had shown some weakness but their strategy and adaption was sublime. Echo Fox have proven to be a tough nut to crack so far and are aiming for a high position this split, can they climb past C9? Tune into the series on Sunday, June 11th, to find out!

Echo Fox – Echo Fox have been putting on strong performances so far and they’ve managed to take down some stable looking teams, or at least teams that were previously performing on a top level such as FlyQuest. Echo Fox will need to watch out for the compositions of C9 and will need to adapt accordingly, but they’ve definitely shown ability to contest this series.

Cloud 9 – C9 have had a few rough patches but during their series against P1 they’d shown great ability to control a game that’s stable for them as well as showing great adaptions when falling behind. Their use of vision control and their composition is something to be weary of, they’ve shown that a deficit means nothing if you’re not going to make confident pushes.

Echo Fox have actually shown more stability than C9 so far this split but they’ve arguably been up against easier opponents; this doesn’t take away their achievements though. Echo Fox have achieved some huge statistics in terms of their damage share, their damage per minute and a lot of things that can be determined by their late game strengths. Cloud 9 are definitely going to need to watch out for the confident engagements but if they’re adapting as well as they were on day 1 I think they’ll maintain their own confidence.

Prediction: Cloud 9 Victory. Echo Fox have definitely shown us their improvements and have put on some fantastic performances but how well can they perform against a well-known, top performing team? I think they’re going to struggle, and with how well C9 have shown they can play with both a lead and a deficit I think they’ll find a way to come out on top.

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